Scaup on the slide, Spoonbill on the rise

Scaup on the slide, Spoonbill on the rise

20 Apr 2021

Scaup. Paul Hillion

The latest BTO/RSPB/JNCC Wetland Bird Survey report has been published, including data from September 1966 to June 2020. Ten and 25 year trends for wintering waterbirds are available for UK, GB, Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland and all species indices can be viewed via WeBS Report Online.

The report, Waterbirds in the UK 2019/20, includes articles focusing on Scaup, Spoonbill, Lesser Black-backed Gull and Jack Snipe. Scaup are now spending their winters much further north and east than they were previously, as they opt for short-haul wintering options in the now warmer and wetter parts of northern Europe.

There is an overview of the Goose and Swan Monitoring Programme, with a focus on Bewick's Swan, Taiga Bean Goose and Icelandic Greylag Goose. Other articles include the results of a recent analysis of Non-estuarine Waterbird Survey data on waders, and a study on the use of drones for non-breeding waterbird monitoring.

With data available online for all individual wetland sites from 1966/67 onwards, why not explore how waterbird communities are changing at a place near you?

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