Key changes to the new BTO website

Key changes to the new BTO website

16 Apr 2019

revised homepage

The BTO website was relaunched on Wednesday 1 May, with changes to the way it is presented and how content is organised.

Technically, it should better adapt to a range of devices, and the organisation of content is changing to help visitors better understand what the BTO does and what it can offer them.

In addition, the relaunch will bring several new types of content that we hope users will find valuable, including case studies on BTO work that has made an impact, a new blog discussing the context and challenges of what BTO does, and articles on understanding birds and developing skills.

Below are some key changes to the website (and some things that remain the same).

Accessing survey and scheme pages

At the top of every page is a drop-down list of projects that allows you to quickly get to each project landing page. There are also persistent links to your My BTO page (and a link to logout if logged-in), where current and available surveys and schemes are also listed.

Accessing data entry applications

For each survey or scheme that has an online application (for data entry and accessing records), there is a link on the project landing page to get to the application. You can also access online applications for your ‘Current projects’ from your My BTO page (once logged-in).

E.g. Home > Our Science > Projects > BBS


Membership renewals and donations

Membership pages, fundraising and donation pages all now live under the ‘How You Can Help’ area. Membership renewal processes for non-recurring BTO and GBW memberships remain the same - members will likely receive emails with links to the relevant renewal pages when the time comes.

Home > How You Can Help

Regional Network, BTO events and skills development

A new area called ‘Community’ gathers together pages on the Regional Network (including resources for Reps and local organisers) along with events, news, bird club partners and BTO blogs. These pages are linked to from your My BTO page as well. The Regional Network pages are also linked from the ‘How You Can Help’ area, and from individual project landing pages. 

Home > Community > Regional Network

Information about our training program and training events are also listed under another new area - ‘Develop Skills’ - which will also include guides on bird identification, survey skills and birding basics, along with our bird ID video series.

E.g. Home > Develop your skills

Research, publications and data

Information on BTO publications of all types is being grouped under the ‘Our Science’ area, including the BirdTrends report and information on bird indicators. Over time annual survey reports for BBS and WeBS will also be available in this section. ‘Our Science’ also houses pages on BTO data available and the data request process, along with pages on research areas we are currently focussing on, and new case studies on examples of BTO work that have made a specific impact.

Home > Our Science > Publications

BirdFacts, book reviews and articles

The ‘Understanding birds’ area contains the landing pages and species search for BirdFacts - our comprehensive A-Z pages for british bird species, bird book reviews by our expert staff and new in-depth articles on understanding bird behaviour and physiology.

Home > Understanding Birds

We hope these changes to the website improve on the information and services we offer, and that current supporters are able to adapt to the revised structure with a minimum of inconvenience.

If you have any issues with the new design, a feedback form will be available on every page to report them. We want to continually improve the BTO website for you, so don’t hesitate to let us know where we might be able to do better.

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