Launching a new app for BirdTrack

Launching a new app for BirdTrack

30 Aug 2022

Using the BirdTrack app

BTO’s BirdTrack project uses volunteer records to reveal migration and distribution patterns for birds across the UK. On the 30th August, we released a significant update to the BirdTrack app: a brand new look and feel, a more intuitive experience and more options without the need to visit the BirdTrack website.

Anyone can take part in BirdTrack, from nature walkers and casual birders to botanists and expert ornithologists. Despite its name, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, orchids, and reptiles can all be submitted to the project!  Any record is a useful record, and BirdTrack provides an easy way of logging your findings to make them available for our science and research. 

More about BirdTrack
This latest update brings many of the exciting features available on the website to the palm of your hand. The addition of an illustrated checklist makes it even easier to record the birds you see whilst out and about. You can even record other taxa groups, such as butterflies, at the same time as adding your bird sightings. Scott Mason, BirdTrack Organiser 

The new BirdTrack app provides us with a platform for building more exciting features which will help you make the most out of your birdwatching, and provide you with more information not only about your records but also those of the wider BirdTrack community. By using BirdTrack you are making your sightings available for use in research and conservation at the local, national and global scale.

For volunteers already using the BirdTrack app, the update will provide a significantly improved user experience. For new users, the app’s intuitive interface will make it easy to start submitting records. 

Downloading the new version of the app

Read more about the new app on our BirdTrack Apps page, or update the app to access the new features and interface:

Further information

Visit Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for Apple) on your mobile device, search for the BirdTrack app, and select 'update' or 'download'. 

Making the most of BirdTrack data 

We have been working with county recorders and bird report editors to develop summarised metrics, tables, graphs and maps, all based on BirdTrack data from their county.

Read the case study

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