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Marchant, J.H. & Noble, D.G. 2003. Waterways Breeding Bird Survey: progress report for 2001-2002. Research Report no. 322. 42pp Download Report (PDF)
Newson, S.E. & Noble, D.G. 2003. Preliminary analysis of Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) mammal data. Research Report no. 321. ISBN: 1-902576-64-0 64pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Newson, S.E. & Noble, D.G. 2003. Producing statistically valid maps of species abundance from UK Breeding Bird Survey counts using Geostatistical Analyst in ArcGIS. Research Report no. 318. ISBN: 1-904870-25-2 44pp £10.00 Download Report (PDF)
Newson, S.E., Noble, D.G. & Marchant, J.H. 2003. Analysis of population trends for waterways birds: a comparison of Waterways Bird Survey indices. Research Report no. 337. ISBN: 1-904870-62-7 33pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
Raven, M.J., Noble, D.G. & Baillie, S.R. 2003. The Breeding Bird Survey 2002. Research Report no. 334. Link to publication ISBN: 1-902576-74-8 17pp
Vanhinsbergh, D., Fuller, R.J. & Noble, D. 2003. A review of possible causes of recent changes in populations of woodland birds in Britain. Research Report no. 245. ISBN: 1-902576-98-5 92pp £10.00 Download Report (PDF)
Gregory, R.D., Noble, D.G., Robinson, J.A., Stroud, D.A., Campbell, L.H., Rehfisch, M.M., Cranswick, P.A., Wilkinson, N.I., Crick, H.Q.P. & Green, R.E. 2002. The State of the UK's Birds 2001. RSPB, BTO, WWT, JNCC, Sandy, Bedfordshire Download Report (PDF)
Freeman, S.N., Noble, D.G., Newson, S.E. & Baillie, S.R. 2002. Modelling bird population changes using data from the Common Birds Census and the Breeding Bird Survey. Research Report no. 303. ISBN: 1-902576-66-7 44pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Marchant, J.H., Noble, D.G. & Beaven, L.P. 2002. Waterways Breeding Bird Survey: Progress Report for 2000-01. Research Report no. 292. ISBN: 1-904870-59-7 34pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
Marchant, J.H., Noble, D.G., Leech, D.I. & Freeman, S.N. 2002. River Habitat Survey and Waterways Breeding Bird Survey 1998-2000 - Final Report. Research Report no. 291.
Noble, D. & Newson, S. 2002. Pilot work to assess bird occurrence and abundance on BBS squares within ESAs. Research Report no. 300. ISBN: 1-904870-28-7 54pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Gregory, R.D., Noble, D.G., Campbell, L.H. & Gibbons, D.W. (eds) 2000. The State of the UK's Birds 1999. RSPB, Sandy
Marchant, J.H. & Noble, D.G. 2000. Waterways Breeding Bird Survey: Progress Report for 1998-99. Research Report no. 241. ISBN: 1-904870-86-4 58pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Robinson, R.A. & Noble, D.G. 2000. Regional indicators of wild bird populations: an exploratory study. Research Report no. 244. ISBN: 1-902576-26-8 46pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Noble, D. 1999. Birds as indicators of the health of the environment. Book title: The Birdwatcher's Yearbook and Diary 2000 Buckingham Press, Christchurch : 211-215
Noble, D.G., Bashford, R.I., Marchant, J.H., Baillie, S.R. & Gregory, R.D. 1999. The Breeding Bird Survey. Report Number 4. Research Report no. 225. Link to publication ISBN: 1-902576-16-0 16pp
Baillie, S.R., Marchant, J.H., Leech, D.I., Renwick, A.R., Eglington, S.M., Joys, A.C., Noble, D.G., Barimore, C., G.J., Downie, I.S., Risely, K. & Robinson, R.A. BirdTrends 2011: trends in numbers and demography for UK breeding birds. Research Report no. 609. British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford, Norfolk Link to publication