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Each edition of the bi-monthly BTO Scotland e-newsletter takes a closer look at an aspect of the work of BTO in Scotland. This page will act as a growing archive of these features, providing insights into the impact of our work.

How are bird populations in Scotland changing?

Information collected volunteers as part of the BTO/JNCC/RSPB Breeding Bird Survey has revealed fascinating results, including SE to NW population shifts in many species, Cuckoos bucking the trend and increasing in Scotland plus lots of uncertainty in upland areas (more recorders needed). Read more by clicking here...

Short-eared Owls: Mysteries revealed

Read about our work studying survey techniques, habitat use and migration in this enigmatic species

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Why do our scientists have a passion for 'scrub'

Learn about our ongoing studies into how bird populations change as 'scrub' and woodland habitats develop.

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