BTO Cymru press releases

Press stories relating to Wales and the work of BTO Cymru.

Date Title No.
December 2023 Declining seabirds on a cliff edge 2023-30
June 2021 Summer is over – at least for one Welsh Cuckoo 2021-31
March 2021 Survey of UK's coast highlights change in wintering waterbird populations 2021-08
December 2020 New report reveals good news for rare breeding birds 2020-37
May 2020 Familiar Welsh birds slipping away 2020-16
July 2019 Increases in generalist predator populations are associated with Pheasant releases 2019-21
May 2019 Iconic Welsh bird disappearing 2019-11
August 2018 Bird Surveyors help to shed new light on changing mammal populations 2018-22
April 2018 Welsh icon is back 2018-13
December 2017 Report reveals the effect of a changing climate on the UK’s birds 2017-38
September 2017 Wind farms and biodiversity: are they on a collision course? 2017-30
July 2016 Welsh Yellowhammers in long-term decline 2016-29
September 2015 Conwy school gets to name its own Cuckoo 2015-43
August 2015 BIRD PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR – competition now open for entries 2015-39
July 2015 Stonechats bounce back in Wales 2015-29
June 2015 BTO's longest-running census goes online 2015-28
July 2015 Research delivers new tools for understanding why Britain’s bird populations are in decline 2015-27
June 2015 Eight more Cuckoos join the fight for their species 2015-26
June 2015 European birds at risk of extinction 2015-25a
June 2015 Over 7 million* schoolchildren are being asked to get their hands dirty for science 2015-25
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