Who are BTO Youth?

BTO Youth was founded in December 2019, when we set up the Youth Advisory Panel. These days, BTO Youth consists of a whole host of different teams and people who all work together to bring BTO Youth’s vision to life, as well as work as part of the wider BTO strategy. 
Fionnuala at the BTO Youth in Nature Summit (front left).

Youth Advisory Panel

The YAP are responsible for decision-making when it comes to young people at BTO and our Youth Engagement Programme.

The Panel consists of young people aged 16–25 from all over the UK. They meet regularly to discuss projects, strategy, and programmes of work. 

Meet the YAP

Youth Representatives

The BTO Youth Representatives are an essential part of BTO’s wider Youth Engagement Strategy. They are all aged 16–25 and based across the UK.

They organise events online and in their local communities, especially for young people. 

Find your Youth Rep

Youth Trustee (on BTO’s Board)

Our current Youth Trustee Emma Thornton is passionate about creating opportunities for young people to connect with nature and science, particularly around improving mental health.

She is excited to bring a young person’s perspective to the Board. 

Meet Emma

The BTO Youth Team

Our staff consists of a dedicated team of people at the BTO who support YAP and the YRs in delivering their work.

Faye Vogely

Faye Vogely

Youth Engagement Manager

Chris Marais

Chris Marais

Youth Engagement Coordinator

Rachael Griffiths

Rachael Griffiths

Youth Engagement Officer

Our values and vision

BTO Youth’s vision is of a diverse, vibrant community of young birders supported by BTO, with accessible, youth-led opportunities inspiring young people to engage with nature and science.

We are:

  • Inclusive and accessible
  • Youth-led
  • Celebrating people’s connection to nature
  • Helping people grow
  • Innovative and dynamic
  • Collaborative and transparent

Our strategy

At BTO Youth, keeping young people safe and empowering their voices is at the core of all we do. The BTO Youth Engagement Strategy 2023–2028 is written and implemented by the Youth Advisory Panel. It focuses on our values and how we will make sure everything we do is guided by them. 

2023–2028 Youth Engagement Strategy

Young people are the future of BTO

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BTO Youth Alumni

Youth Advisory Panel

  • Arjun Dutta, January 2020–December 2023
  • Conor John, January 2020–June 2021
  • Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, September 2021–December 2023
  • Ellie Micklewright, January 2020–December 2022
  • Emily Cooper, January 2021–December 2022
  • Matthew Lonsdale, January 2020-April 2024
  • Maura Burns Zaragoza, January 2020–December 2023
  • Greg Palmer, January 2020–June 2021
  • Sorrel Lyall, January 2020–December 2020

Youth Reps

  • Belinda Betts, January 2021–June 2023
  • Florence Gygax, January 2021–December 2022
  • Gethin Jenkins-Jones, January 2021–December 2023
  • Kate Fox, January 2021–December 2023
  • Keir Chauhan, January 2021–December 2023
  • Lizzie Waring, June 2021–December 2022
  • Luke Marriner, January 2021–August 2023
  • Maria Farooqi, January 2021–December 2023
  • Mark Pitt, January 2021–December 2022
  • Soha Salem, January 2022–December 2022
  • Carla Hill, December 2021–May 2024
  • Josh Hill, December 2020–May 2024

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