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Publisher: Pensoft Publishers, Moscow

Publication Year: 2011

Binding: Hardback

Page Count: 910

ISBN Number: 978-9-5464-2576-8

Price: £ 78.00

The True Shrikes (Laniidae) of the World: Ecology, Behavior and Evolution

Many groups of species have a dedicated monograph, but few can match this title for sheer depth and comprehensiveness. Shrikes are a popular group of birds among birders and ornithologists – they are generally obvious birds in their habits and with their unique lifestyles, but Shrikes add to this with the complexity of their taxonomy.

In this book each species is examined individually, with a discussion of range and geographical variation, a look at taxonomy and then an exhaustive examination of their life styles and behaviour. The book is generously illustrated with maps, diagrams and sonograms and there is a section at the end that has multiple colour photographs of the individual species, their typical habitats and their nests. For anyone with a strong interest in this enigmatic group of birds.

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