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The Refugees from Daffodil Cottage

Publisher: Xadrum

Publication Year: 2017

Binding: Softback

Page Count: 187

ISBN Number: 9780995581500

Price: £ 7.99

The Refugees from Daffodil Cottage

The Refugees from Daffodil Cottage is a children’s fiction book told from the perspective of a flock of birds that lose their home. It teaches about the importance of friendship and the impact that human activity has on birds. It also shows the hardships of the changing seasons birds have to face every year. 

The birds go through many things, including getting attacked by cats and Sparrowhawks and having homes destroyed, but they stick together and try to make it through. There are moments of intensity, worry and relief that make this book special.  Although I enjoyed those qualities, I think the book is missing a bit of humour and comedy.

I wouldn’t just recommend this book to bird lovers but also to children that like to read about adventure, aged between 8 and 12.

Book reviewed by Phoebe Moran (aged 9)