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Ospreys (cover)

Publisher: Bloomsbury, London

Publication Year: 2019

Binding: Softback

Page Count: 128

ISBN Number: 9781472956033

Price: £ 12.99

Ospreys (RSPB Spotlight)

RSPB’s new addition to their Spotlight series, this time on Ospreys, written by Tim Mackrill of Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation, provides a science-driven, yet enjoyably written read on this stunning species of bird of prey.

The book starts by providing the reader with a comprehensive look into the biology and behaviour of Ospreys on a global scale and then continues onto the history of the species in Great Britain. The latter section of the book then looks into the conservation of Ospreys in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, and then finishing up with a compelling discussion surrounding the cultural significance of Ospreys and by providing guidance on how to watch them.

Whilst by no means aiming to be a fact based guidebook of any sort, at its core it certainly aims to provide the reader with the most up to date information on our understanding of the species that is currently held. It flows well with a carefully thought-out chapter order, being supported by stunning photos and fascinating and relevant case studies, which keep the reader engaged throughout. The overall tone of the book oozes with the writer’s passion for the species and I certainly came out with a feeling of excitement for what lies ahead for this species, which was largely wiped out from so many parts of the world.

I do fear some sections of the book may quickly start feeling somewhat outdated, but that aside, overall, I found the book an excellent read and would consider it approachable for the more scientific-minded people and those less so, alike. It acts as a wonderful source of basic information on the species, and I would consider it a valuable addition to the bookshelf of anyone who claims to have an interest in Ospreys. If you are interested enough in these stunning birds to read the book cover to cover, you’ll certainly come out feeling you have gained a comprehensive understanding of the species with not too much effort, which I would imagine to be exactly what the writer of the book was trying to achieve.

Book reviewed by Nina Schonberg

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