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Birding in Poland

Publisher: Oriolus Förlag, Uppsala (in cooperation with Influence Publishing House, Poland)

Publication Year: 2015

Binding: Hardback

Page Count: 610

ISBN Number: 978-9-19786-521-0

Price: £ 34.99

Birding in Poland

Poland is a key destination for UK birders wanting to experience east European delights such as White-backed Woodpecker, Great Snipe and Aquatic Warbler. However, the Polish birding community is now increasingly active in its own right, which is resulting in a much better defined knowledge of the country’s avifauna. This new “where to watch” guide is clearly intended for both a local and international readership. It is a well-produced and authoritative book. Following some useful introductory sections, the majority of the book is taken up with descriptions of 119 key sites, written by a team of local experts. The site accounts (including sensibly scaled maps) contain broad habitat descriptions, access details and information on key non-avian species of interest, as well as details of the most interesting bird features throughout the year. The guide concludes with a checklist setting out the status of all Polish birds. This book is highly recommended for anyone wanting to watch birds in Poland. The only improvement for a non-Polish speaker would be a few tips on the pronunciation of the site names!

Book reviewed by Andy Musgrove

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