Swinhoe's Storm Petrel

Hydrobates monorhis (Swinhoe, 1867) OM SWSPE 560
Family: Procellariiformes > Hydrobatidae

Previously known only to nest in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the discovery of birds in Tyne & Wear in 1989 during a bird ringing session was a major surprise.

Analyses of blood samples taken from an individual captured at the same site in 1991, confirmed that this was a Swinhoe's Storm Petrel and indicated a match to birds sampled in Russia and Korea.

It has been suggested that the species may be breeding in the North Atlantic.

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  • Winter
33 records observations recorded by BTO surveyors
33 records


33 records observations recorded by BTO surveyors
33 records



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Identifying Petrels

Storm Petrel. Photograph by Joe Pender

Petrels are seldom-seen, unfamiliar birds to many of us, but both species: Storm Petrel and Leach's Petrel are actually very common breeding birds and frequently encountered off our shores during passage. Both are small black and white birds that seem to defy the rough seas they are often encountered in. How can we tell the two species apart?

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Status and Trends

Population size and trends and patterns of distribution based on BTO surveys and atlases with data collected by BTO volunteers.


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Lifecycle and body size information about Swinhoe's Storm Petrel, including statistics on nesting, eggs and lifespan based on BTO ringing and nest recording data.


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Catalan: ocell de tempesta de Swinhoe
Czech: burnácek vlaštovcí
Danish: Mørkrygget Stormsvale
Dutch: Chinees Stormvogeltje
Estonian: jaapani tormipääsu
Finnish: pikkukeiju
French: Océanite de Swinhoe
German: Swinhoewellenläufer
Hungarian: koreai viharfecske
Icelandic: Marsvala
Italian: Uccello delle tempeste di Swinhoe
Latvian: Svinhu vetrasburatajs
Lithuanian: skeltauodegis audrašauklis
Norwegian: Japanstormsvale
Polish: nawalnik brunatny
Portuguese: painho-de-swinhoe
Slovak: víchrovnícek malý
Slovenian: japonski strakoš
Spanish: Paíño de Swinhoe
Swedish: Swinhoes stormsvala

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