Savi's Warbler

Locustella luscinioides (Savi, 1824) VI SAVWA 12380
Family: Passeriformes > Locustellidae

What it lacks in colour, the reedbed-loving plain brown Savi’s Warbler makes up for with its loud insect-like buzzing song.

The Savi’s Warbler is a very rare breeding bird in the UK, largely confined to a discrete number of reedbed sites in East Anglia and southern England. It is a summer visitor from trans-Saharan Africa and can be heard singing by a lucky few between May and August.

An estimated five to 10 pairs of Savi's Warbler breed in the UK. Savi’s Warblers can be found when on migration but even at this time, despite the European breeding population estimate of around on million pairs, the species is still very rare here.

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Savi's Warbler identification is sometimes difficult.


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Savi's Warbler is now a very localised breeding species. During 2008–11 breeding-season records were scattered throughout southern and eastern England between Lincolnshire and Cornwall, but confirmed breeding was only recorded in 2010 when two pairs bred in Sussex.

Savi's Warbler breeding distribution 2008-11
Britain and Ireland Breeding Distribution 2008-2011.
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Occupied 10-km squares in UK

European Distribution Map

European Breeding Bird Atlas 2



Savi's Warbler is a rare summer visitor, recorded from April to July; birds are probably under-recorded after males cease singing.

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Welsh: Telor Savi
Catalan: boscaler comú
Czech: cvrcilka slavíková
Danish: Savisanger
Dutch: Snor
Estonian: roo-ritsiklind
Finnish: ruokosirkkalintu
French: Locustelle luscinioïde
German: Rohrschwirl
Hungarian: nádi tücsökmadár
Icelandic: Flóðsöngvari
Irish: Ceolaire Savi
Italian: Salciaiola
Latvian: Seivi kaukis
Lithuanian: nendrinis žiogelis
Norwegian: Sumpsanger
Polish: brzeczka
Portuguese: cigarrinha-ruiva
Slovak: svrciak slávikovitý
Slovenian: trstni cvrcalec
Spanish: Buscarla unicolor
Swedish: vassångare
Folkname: Night-reeler

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