Upupa epops (Linnaeus, 1758) HP HOOPO 8460
Family: Bucerotiformes > Upupidae

Hoopoe, John Harding

Unmistakable, with its down-curved bill, black, white and sandy brown plumage – not to mention its crest – this is a striking visitor to our shores, most often encountered in spring but with records from all months.

With a wide breeding range, extending from Portugal in the west to China in the east, the Hoopoe breeds as far north as Estonia.

Occasional pairs have bred here in Britain, although we lack the abundance of grasshoppers, crickets and small lizards that are the favoured prey within its core breeding range.

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Hoopoe identification is usually straightforward.


Listen to example recordings of the main vocalisations of Hoopoe, provided by xeno-canto contributors.


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Status and Trends

Population size and trends and patterns of distribution based on BTO surveys and atlases with data collected by BTO volunteers.


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During Bird Atlas 2007–11 there were non-breeding records of Hoopoes in 203 10-km squares in Britain and a further nine squares in Ireland. These were typically spring-migration overshoots and their distribution fits the established pattern. Breeding was last confirmed in 1996.

Occupied 10-km squares in UK

European Distribution Map

European Breeding Bird Atlas 2


Change in occupied 10-km squares in the UK


Hoopoes are scarce migrants that can be recorded from early spring onwards with some birds present in autumn and occasionally in winter.

Weekly occurence of Hoopoe from BirdTrack
Weekly occurrence patterns (shaded cells) and reporting rates (vertical bars) based on BirdTrack data. Reporting rates give the likelihood of encountering the species each week.


Information about movement and migration based on online bird portals (e.g. BirdTrack), Ringing schemes and tracking studies.

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Lifecycle and body size information about Hoopoe, including statistics on nesting, eggs and lifespan based on BTO ringing and nest recording data.



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Gaelic: Calman-cathaidh
Welsh: Copog
Catalan: puput comuna
Czech: dudek chocholatý
Danish: Hærfugl
Dutch: Hop
Estonian: vaenukägu e. toonetutt
Finnish: harjalintu
French: Huppe fasciée
German: Wiedehopf
Hungarian: búbosbanka
Icelandic: Herfugl
Irish: Húpú
Italian: Upupa
Latvian: pupukis, bada dzeguze
Lithuanian: kukutis
Norwegian: Hærfugl
Polish: dudek
Portuguese: poupa / poupa-eurasiática
Slovak: dudok chochlatý
Slovenian: smrdokavra
Spanish: Abubilla común
Swedish: härfågel

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