Chestnut-sided Warbler

Setophaga pensylvanica (Linnaeus, 1766) 17340
Family: Passeriformes > Parulidae

Chestnut-sided Warbler, Yoav Perlman

Chestnut-sided Warbler is a North American bird of scrubby habitats, and one that has likely benefited greatly from large scale forest clearance. It occurs extremely rarely in Britain, with only a couple of autumn records a decade apart.


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Status and Trends

Population size and trends and patterns of distribution based on BTO surveys and atlases with data collected by BTO volunteers.


This species can be found on the following statutory and conservation listings and schedules.


We have no population estimates for this scarce species.


Information about movement and migration based on online bird portals (e.g. BirdTrack), Ringing schemes and tracking studies.


View a summary of recoveries in the Online Ringing Report.


Lifecycle and body size information about Chestnut-sided Warbler, including statistics on nesting, eggs and lifespan based on BTO ringing and nest recording data.


Sample sizes are too small to report Productivity and Nesting statistics for this species.


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Catalan: bosquerola de flancs castanys
Czech: lesnácek žlutotemenný
Danish: Brunsidet Sanger
Dutch: Roestflankzanger
Estonian: ruskkülg-säälik
Finnish: rusokylkikerttuli
French: Paruline à flancs marron
German: Gelbscheitel-Waldsänger
Hungarian: barkós lombjáró
Icelandic: Skógarskríkja
Italian: Dendroica fianchicastani
Latvian: bersanu kaukis
Lithuanian: pensilvaninis kruminukas
Norwegian: Brunsideparula
Polish: lasówka rdzawoboczna
Portuguese: mariquita-de-flancos-castanhos
Slovak: horárik hnedoboký
Slovenian: brkati gozdicar
Spanish: Reinita de Pensilvania
Swedish: brunsidig skogssångare

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