A quiet week - 09 Jul 2012

In recent days there has been little movement from the Cuckoos tagged in England. Reacher remains near Perpignan and looks poised to take the westerly route into Africa through Iberia that Clement and Lyster used last year. Chris remains close to Antwerp and is now 24km (15 miles) NE of the city. 115589 is still about 110km (968 miles) east of Reims in northern France, whilst Lyster has repeated the pattern from last year and is the last of the Cuckoos tagged in England still in the country.

Reacher heads to the south of France - 02 Jul 2012

Reacher didn't stay in Italy as long as we thought he might. Just 2 days after arriving he had moved off and was transmitting off the coast of France near Toulon, 300km (188 miles) further south and west. He then headed 265km further west (160 miles) across the sea to reach the eastern most corner of southern France, resting around 12km (10 miles) from Perpignan.

Reacher in Italy - 26 Jun 2012

Having made it to Germany by 22 June, Reacher has continued to make rapid progress. By the afternoon of 24 June, he had travelled another 520km (320 miles) to a location 26km (16 miles) east of Turin in northern Italy. He is the first of our Cuckoos to reach the Po watershed this year, the area in which three of the five Cuckoos tracked last year prepared for their crossing of the Sahara. This further demonstrates the importance of this area for British Cuckoos – we expect he will stay in that broad area for at least a couple of weeks whilst he fattens prior to continuing his southward migration.

Reacher in Germany - 22 Jun 2012

Reacher was still in Norfolk, close to his tagging location on 20 June. However, a series of locations received this morning (22 June) show he has moved to western Germany, a few km's east of Luxembourg! This is a movement of 500km (310 miles) SE in the last two days. He is the second Cuckoo to transmit from Germany.

Reacher remains in Norfolk - 21 Jun 2012

On 20 June, Reacher, one of two new East Anglian cuckoos tagged in 2012, was 500 metres north east of the village of Crowgate Street, Norfolk. He is currently 20km (14 miles) from his tagging location.

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