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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Knepp has moved further west

18 Mar 2019
After spending a few days close to the border with Ghana, Knepp has moved 215km (134 miles) further west. He is now to the west of the Ivory Coast capital, Yamoussoukro in an area of small fields and plantations.

Knepp is in West Africa

11 Mar 2019

The poor location we received from Knepp’s tag on 4 March suggested that he was on the move, and now we know he really was. We received another poor location on 6 March which put him in central southern Nigeria but it wasn’t until 11pm on 8 March, when we received a couple of good quality locations from his tag, that we knew where he was.  Knepp is in Ivory Coast, 2,353km (1,462 miles) from his stopover site in Gabon.

Knepp in Cameroon?

04 Mar 2019

Around breakfast on 4 March we received a poor location from Knepp’s tag that placed him in central Cameroon, 569km (353 miles) north and west of his most recent location in Gabon. We will have to wait for good quality locations from his tag to confirm this but it does look like he has started his move into West Africa.

Knepp hasn’t moved

25 Feb 2019

We have received seven locations from Knepp’s tag over the last ten days or so, that show he is alive and well but not moving very far in the bit of rainforest he has been in since the beginning of February.

Knepp still in Gabon

14 Feb 2019

Like several of our tagged Cuckoos, Knepp is in dense rainforest and, judging by the low battery charge on his tag is spending much of his time under the canopy. We last heard from his tag on 13 February and he was still settled to the north of Mwagne National Park, Gabon.

Knepp is on his way

01 Feb 2019
A location received from Knepp's tag during the early evening of 30 January showed that he is on his way back. He has flown 800km (500 miles) from northwest Angola, over DRC and Congo into Gabon. He is currently in northeast Gabon in rainforest just to the southwest of Mwagne National Park.

Knepp has moved North

18 Jan 2019
Knepp has begun his long journey back to the UK. During the last week or so, Knepp has headed north within Angola and is now 96km (59 miles) north of his mid-winter location. 

Knepp moves back

03 Jan 2019
On the last day of 2018 Knepp moved back inland and is now in the location he moved south and west from a few weeks ago. He seems to have followed the rain north and east.

Knepp on the move

17 Dec 2018

Over the weekend Knepp moved south and west towards the coast. He is now 16km (10 miles) from the coastal village of Ambriz. It looks like he has moved to the southern edge of the rains. It is currently 27 degrees and dry where he is.

Knepp still in Angola

10 Dec 2018

Knepp has moved a little further south, 75km (47 miles) in all, and is now mid-way between the coastal towns of N'zeto and the capital, Luanda, albeit 42km (26 miles) inland.


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