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PJ is named in memory of Pamela Joy Miller who passed on her passion for birds to her nephews and nieces and their children - now all her family can follow PJ's journey and think of Pam

Cuckoo 161318 portrait
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 06:00
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King's Forest, Suffolk, England
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PJ's journey from 01 May 2020 to 21 September 2020

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PJ's movements

02 Sep 2020 - PJ goes east in Niger

Over the last few days PJ has flown 244 km (151 miles) east within southern Niger. He is now around 50 km north of the border with Nigeria and 67 km south east of the city of Tahoua. He visited the same location during his southern migration in 2017. Based on his behaviour in previous years his route to his wintering grounds in Angola are likely to take him through Nigeria and Cameroon. 

26 Aug 2020 - PJ has crossed the Sahara

Updates received at around 06:00 this morning, show that PJ has flown a further 570 km (354 miles) south-south west from the norther border of Niger into the south western corner of Niger, completing his crossing of the Sahara. He is now approximately 165 km (102 miles) north east of the capital Niamey. PJ has arrived here in the rainy season with most of the annual rainfall expected between May and mid-September. It'll be interesting to see whether he stays here or follows Valentine in moving further east. 

24 Aug 2020 - PJ is crossing the Sahara!

Over the last few days, Suffolk Cuckoo PJ has made his move south, braving the mighty Sahara. On the first leg of his journey he left southern Italy and crossed the Mediterranean just to the west of Corsica and Sardinia. He flew over Tunisia and by 16:30 on Saturday he was in or over the Tassili n'Ajjer national park in south-east Algeria, a distance of 2,163 km (1,344 miles) from his last location in Italy. He doesn't appear to have stopped here as by 19:45 on the same day he was near the southern edge of the desert. He didn't hang around as by 20:03 last night he was a further 518 km (322 miles) south and approaching the border between Algeria and Niger. The last update received at 22:43 last night showed PJ just over the border in north western Niger, approximately 30 miles (50 km) west of the small desert town of Assamakka. PJ passed close to this location on his southerly migration in 2017 but quickly moved on to southern Niger. In previous years, PJ has spent time in southern Niger/northern Nigeria so hopefully when we next hear from him he will be a little further south, having completed his desert crossing. 

10 Aug 2020 - PJ in Italy

Since our last update PJ has left the Spanish Pyrenees and flown 788 km (490 miles) north east, back over the Pyrenees and into northern Italy. Having reached Ferriere, a commune in the Province of Piacenza, about 150 kilometers west of Bologna, he immediately turned back west. He flew 105 km ( 64 miles) west to his current location near Altare in the Province of Savona in the Italian region Liguria. He is approximately 10 km (6 miles) north west of Savona. PJ is now almost two weeks behind his usual schedule so we expect to see him making his crossing into Africa any day now.

03 Aug 2020 - PJ still in northern Spain

PJ is still in the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, Huesca, Spain, and the last update received a couple of days ago shows him in the wooded valley below the Castillo Mayor mountain. Castillo Mayor is a 2,014m (6,608ft) high limestone platform and the valleys below are home to an extensive mixed forest.

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