Schedule 1 renewal

Current Schedule 1 licensees will be sent an email with a link to an online renewal form which includes the details of all of the species/area combinations that were listed on your permit in the previous year. Answer all the questions and indicate how you have reported on each species/area combination. If you did not visit any sites (nil return), this can be indicated on the renewal form. Your renewal cannot be submitted until you have completed the form in full and must only be submitted if you have reported on all species/areas combinations.

Amendments to your Schedule 1 permit/license

If you want to make changes to your permit/licence at renewal, you will be able to add, change or remove species and/or 10 km squares. To calculate the 10 km square from a four-figure grid reference, select the first and third digit – NH1234 is therefore located within the 10 km square NH13. You can also add or remove accredited agents. New agents must be signed up to ‘My BTO’ (on the BTO website) and have been issued with a BTO Username before they can be included as an agent.  

When to renew

Submit your renewal as soon as possible upon receiving your renewal email. Renewals will be processed in order of receipt up to the end of December. Please note that from January we prioritise Ringing Permit Renewals.

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