The Chris Mead Library

BTO Library

The BTO CHRIS MEAD LIBRARY is housed at the BTO headquarters in Thetford, in what was the Chapel of the old Nunnery.
Whilst primarily for the use of staff and members, non-members are very welcome to use it for research purposes. 
It is open during office hours (9am-5pm weekdays), when visitors are welcome, but please call or email first if possible to ensure someone will be available to help you if required.
The Librarian's normal working hours are 9am-4pm, Monday to Thursday.

If it is inconvenient for you to visit personally, BTO members may
borrow books by post, and copies of papers can be supplied electronically or by post.
Non-members may also request copies. 
Please contact the librarian with your enquiries.

For full details about use of the Library and its services, please refer to:
Using the BTO Chris Mead Library (PDF, 157.53 KB)


. NEW ACQUISITIONS ADDED - 20 May to 28 July 2016.
. NEW BIRD REPORTS received, as listed in BTO News issue 319 - 06/07/16.
. CATALOGUES -  Apologies - this is getting a little out of date. We are upgrading the Library Management  
  System, which means that we will soon be able to offer better, online searching of the Catalogue.

.  ONLINE RESOURCES - amendments:
      . ORNITHOLOGISCHER ANZEIGER - added 14/06/16
      . CITIZEN SCIENCE: THEORY & PRACTICE- new open access journal - added 23/05/16
      . The GULL (Audubon) 1922-1977 now available on Biodiversity Heritage Library - added 09/05/16
      . FACETS (new Canadian scientific mulitdisciplinary open access journal) - added 13/04/16
      . The AUK and The CONDOR are now open access after 6 months! - amended 04/04/16


  • Catalogue - browse the catalogue to see what the library holds.
  • Recent Acquisitions - new books received in the Library.
  • Online Resources - list to help you find useful OPEN ACCESS journals and other information.
  • BTO Archives - including survey information, along with historical and personal papers.
  • BirdFacts - information on individual species, including details of relevant publications.
Staircase to the Chris Mead Library by David Kirkham

Please address all correspondence, and return all borrowed items, to:

The Librarian (Carole Showell)
British Trust for Ornithology
The Nunnery
Norfolk IP24 2PU

Email : library [at]
Tel.  01842 750050
Fax. 01842 750030