Climate Change Appeal

Globally, up to 7% of birds are considered to be at risk of extinction due to climate change. This appeal helped us to continue data collection through our long-term monitoring schemes and track the ongoing impacts of climate change.

This appeal is now closed to donations, but you can still support our work:

Puffin. Sarah Kelman

The UK risks losing almost 90% of its breeding Puffins by 2050

UK bird communities could be altered significantly by climate change. Iconic and vulnerable species such as our beloved Puffin, Kittiwake, Curlew and Cuckoo could be significantly affected. We risk a world where future generations won’t know these fantastic birds unless key decision makers take urgent action, informed by evidence. Our best assessment, documented in a new report, shows that failure to meet net zero carbon risks the UK losing over one million individual Puffins.

We can’t stand by and let this happen

It’s evident that poorly planned mitigations can have unintended negative consequences for birds and other wildlife. Making decisions in a changing climate will require robust evidence if we are to assess potential benefits and trade-offs between different options. We will also need consistent monitoring, like our core surveys, if we are to assess the effectiveness of different policies.

Identifying issues and investigating causes of decline

In response to warming, the timing of breeding attempts and migration has on average, across species, become earlier – a trend that was first detected in the BTO/JNCC Nest Record Scheme data. Warming appears to be having significant effects on birds globally. Tellingly, global population declines have been greatest where warming has been most rapid.

James Pearce-Higgins
There is growing evidence that conservation action can help species adapt to climate change but action without careful assessment could have disastrous effects on our birds. James Pearce-Higgins, BTO Director of Science 

Data is the key to progress

BTO runs one of the most comprehensive long-term data banks for investigating patterns of change in the UK’s wildlife. Without these data, providing evidence of the real world effects of climate change, which acts over decades not days, would be impossible. Our monitoring and research are fundamental to challenging policy makers and governments to make the changes needed to reduce the impacts of climate change and pull our most iconic species back from the brink.

Donations are vital to our work

Donations to BTO are vital to our work because they allow our scientists to address the most important threats that our birds face, bringing into the spotlight the truth about the most pressing drivers of change in our natural world.

The Climate Change Appeal is now closed to donations, but you can still support us:

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