Bird Atlas 2007-11

Between 2007 and 2011 tens of thousands of volunteer birdwatchers recorded in the winter and breeding seasons for Bird Atlas 2007-11. All areas and habitats were covered, from villages, towns farmland and fens to remote mountains and far-flung islands. This stock-take of our birds is already revealing fascinating changes in the status of our birds and will shape the direction of conservation action over the coming decades.

With your help we have been able to raise £1,400,800 to support this important piece of work.  A huge thanks to everyone who has supported Bird Atlas 2007-11, particularly Joy and Ted Danter for their major legacy, all the Charitable Trusts,  the 238 Species Sponsors, with vital contributions from BTO Corporate Members including Anglian Water, BirdGuides, Ernest Charles, Essex & Suffolk Water, Gardman, Northumbrian Water, Opticron, Porzana, Syngenta and Thames Water. it was also funded by tremendously generous Members, BTO Garden BirdWatchers and supporters. 

The field work for Bird Atlas 2007-11 alone took four years and involved an estimated 40,000 volunteers. There has been tremendous support from bird clubs with 45 local atlas projects run alongside the Atlas. More than 50 photographers have contributed to the book and staff from BTO, BirdWatch Ireland & the Scottish Ornithologists Club have helped to collate data, carry out analysis and write and oversee the production of the book. 

The wealth of information the Atlas contains about the changing fortunes of over 300 species will inform the conservation of birds in Britain and Ireland for the next decade at least. Take a look at a sample of the pages and order the Bird Atlas 2007-11 book.

We are tremendously grateful to all the following Charitable Trusts who have supported Bird Atlas 2007-11:

  • AEB Charitable Trust
  • The Aberbrothock Charitable Trust
  • H B Allen Charitable Trust
  • Barbour Trust
  • Rowan Bentall Charity Trust
  • EG & MA Bousfield Charitable Trust
  • A S Butler Charitable Trust
  • Charles & Caroline Barratt Charitable Trust
  • Dennis Curry Charitable Trust
  • D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Gatliff Trust
  • Grocers' Charity
  • Harris Charitable Trust
  • Lady Hind Trust
  • Hobart Charitable Trust
  • John Ellerman Foundation
  • The Lever Trust
  • Mercers' Charitable Trust
  • The Norman Family Trust
  • The Pilkington Trust
  • Mr & Mrs Philip Rackham Charitable Trust
  • Christopher H.R. Reeves Charitable Trust
  • Sandra Charitable Trust
  • ShareGift (The Orr Mackintosh Foundation)
  • Shears Charitable Trust
  • The Slater Foundation
  • EJ Stephenson (Deceased) Charitable Trust
  • John Swire
  • Tay Charitable Trust
  • Uplands Charitable Trust
  • The Emily Weircroft Charitable Trust
  • The Westminster Foundation
  • J & JR Wilson Charitable Trust

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