Norfolk (Southwest)

The region comprises 1100 square kilometers of Brecks & Fens in Norfolk & Cambridgeshire, England, for which I am the Regional Representative. It extends from Outwell, Cambs. in the west to East Harling, Norfolk in the east, and from Swaffham in the north towards Thetford in the south. Included in the region is 100 square kilometers of the STANTA battle area, a military training zone.

Bird Surveys. The British Trust for Ornithology has several surveys currently running in both this area and nationally, have a look at these and see if there is anything you would like to take part in:-

List of Ongoing and Forthcoming Surveys

The aim of the surveys is to gather unbiased data on bird populations and habitat, based on which, Government agencies and Conservation groups can make decisions. For all these surveys, the BTO relies largely on volunteers for all the field work.

The various surveys have differing levels of commitment so these is something for everyone. If you would like to take part, please contact me via the BTO. The work you do will help to safeguard the bird populations of the future.

Bird Ringing Scheme. If you have come across a bird with a leg ring or wing tag and you are not sure what to do....please use the special on-line reporting form.
The recovery details will then be sent to you.

The BTO will need the following information. Ring colour, number on ring, address on ring, date found, place found, if dead, an estimate of how long dead and possible cause of death. Please do not send dead birds to the BTO without checking with them first.

Garden BirdWatch. For any queries about Garden BirdWatch or for information Contact: gbw [at]

Region contacts

Vince Matthews

Regional Representative

norfolksouthwest [at]

01953 884125

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