Demystifying the Breeding Bird Survey (Fremington Quay, Barnstaple, Devon)

Willow Warbler. Arjun Dutta
David White, Drew Lyness
Saturday, June 15, 2024 - 09:30 to 12:00
Fully booked

Practice taking part in the Breeding Bird Survey

This FREE session at Fremington Quay will focus specifically on how to take part in the Breeding Bird Survey, in order to prepare you, build confidence and excitement for taking part in the survey in 2025. Please note, to make the most out of this session you need to be able to identify the majority of common bird species that are typically found in Devon in the breeding season by song and call. 

We will explain the mechanics of the survey and guide you through a series of mock BBS transect sections. The session will be led by BBS staff and volunteers who have experience of both taking part and coordinating the survey across the UK. Advanced booking essential. This session is limited to 12 participants. Please note that you may need to pay to park at this location. Please ensure that you pay to park before or after attending the session if required to do so.