Get to know your Gulls

Black-headed Gull by Amy Lewis
Steve Willis
Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - 14:00 to 17:00
Fully booked

Learning some key features to help build your confidence with this tricky group. There will be an indoor element then some time outside looking at birds in the field. This is event is being run as part of Islay's Winter Birdlife Festival.

Join BTO Scotland staff member Steve Willis to imrpove your Gull ID skills. During this small-group event we will cover some key ID features and simple rules to help you pin down Gull identification in summer and winter plumage. We'll practise a range of skills including how to age a Gull. This is a fantastic opportunity to increase your confidence in a supportive environment, plus meet some like-minded souls and enjoy some birds! 

The event will take place at Islay Gaelic Centre, overlooking Loch Indaal.    

Please bring your own binoculars and your favoured bird guide. If you have access to one please bring a telescope, but we'll have at least one with us for general use.  

At the end of the day we'll go to the head of the loch to watch the Goose roost.