Andy Clements

(outgoing) Chief Executive Officer

As outgoing CEO, Andy is supporting the transition of leadership to new CEO Juliet Vickery.

Interests & Responsibilities

Andy joined the Nature Conservancy Council in 1982, and his 24 years with the Government nature conservation agency included field-work on upland birds, Communications and European work and securing Lottery funds for local community areas for wildlife. After species work was seconded to the Department of the Environment, Andy returned to English Nature as Director of Protected Areas with overall responsibility for nationally and internationally important wildlife sites. He also led the successful defence of Dibden Bay at Public Enquiry.

After assisting the setting up in early 2006 of Natural England, as Director of Science, Evidence & Policy, Andy undertook freelance strategic environmental consultancy before coming to BTO as Director in August 2007. His work at BTO has included leadership of the BTO Strategy 2009-2014, representing BTO in Government and ensuring our strong profile alongside other Third Sector wildlife organisations. Andy sits on the Cambridge Conservation Initiative Steering Group, helping to link BTO scientific research with policy. He is a Board Member of Natural England and a Trustee of the National Biodiversity Network.

Other Information

Out of work, Andy divides his time between looking after his two children, birding and wildlife travel.


Andy was educated at the University of Wales, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree (1976) and PhD in Zoology (1980) before lecturing in Zoology and researching birdsong at the University of Sussex.

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