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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Carlton II takes the lead in France

18 Apr 2020
Carlton II hasn't hung around since leaving Ivory Coast! In just under seven days he has flown 2,755 miles (4,434 km), leapfrogging PJ and taking the lead as our first Cuckoo to reach France. He is close to Marcilly-sur-Maulne in the Indre-et-Loire department in central France. He is now only 350 miles or so from his breeding grounds at Carlton Marshes in Suffolk. Will he be the first of our tagged Cuckoos to make it back this year?   

PJ reaches central Spain

17 Apr 2020
By yesterday evening, PJ had left Andalusia, flying 245 km (152 miles) north, over the Sierra Morena mountains and into central Spain. He is now close to the city of Talavera de la Reina and very close to an area he visited for a few days in 2019.  

Carlton II crossing the Sahara

16 Apr 2020
A series of updates from Carlton II last night showed that he is crossing the desert and by 19:15 had reached Algeria, having flown 2,505 km (1,557 miles) from his stop-over location in Ivory Coast. When we receive the next update it'll be interesting to see if he has stopped in north Africa or pressed on to Spain. Last year Carlton II arrived in north Africa on 21st April, had crossed to Spain by 23rd April and arrived in the UK on May 2nd. 

PJ has made it to Spain!

14 Apr 2020
PJ didn't hang around in Morocco, instead he has pressed on, traveling a further 577 km (358 miles) north over the Mediterranean to Spain. He is now in the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park, close to Retortillo Reservoir in the province of Córdoba, Andalusia. PJ arrived back in the UK between 18 and 30 April in 2017, 2018 & 2019 so we expect him to be on the move again soon. It looks likely that he will be the first of our tagged Cuckoos to arrive back, unless one of the others makes a move very soon.

PJ as successfully crossed the Sahara

12 Apr 2020
A series of updates received from PJ's tag early this morning show that over the last 48 hours or so, he has covered another 1,226 km (762 miles) from his last location in Mauritania to his current location in Morocco. In total he has flown 2,840 km (1765 miles) since leaving his stop over location in Ivory Coast. He is now on the southern edge of Barrage Ahmed El Hansali (formerly Barrage Dchar El Oued), a lake on the river Oum Er Rbia at the northern foot of the Middle Atlas mountains near Khenifra. In previous years he has only spent a few days in Morocco before pressing on to Spain.

PJ crossing the Sahara!

10 Apr 2020
A series of updates from PJ's tag early this morning show that he has embarked on his desert crossing. Over the last few days he has left Ivory Coast and flown over the southwestern corner of Mali and into Mauritania. The latest update which arrived at 06:22 this morning showed that he has flown 1,825 km (1,134 miles) from Ivory Coast and is now in or over north western Mauritania. PJ was tagged in 2016 and in the three previous spring migrations he has crossed the desert further east, mostly over Mali. In previous years, he has made his desert crossing between 6 and 13 April, so he is right on schedule. The mean arrival data of Cuckoo in the UK is around 20th April and some have already been reported here. We will now keep our fingers crossed that when we receive the next update, PJ will have safely completed his desert crossing. Stay tuned!

Northwards movements from Tennyson

07 Apr 2020

At the end of March, Tennyson moved north-west within Liberia. A further update on 6 April showed he had continued north 290km (180 miles) along the border of Liberia and Ivory Coast. His current location remains just inside Liberia. Tennyson has been in Liberia since mid-March and this northward movement could be a sign he is getting ready to leave, though PJ was the first to move into West Africa.

Carlton II back in Ivory Coast

06 Apr 2020
Since our last update Carlton II has crossed back into western Ivory Coast and in the last few days has flown 175 km (109 miles) north into northwest Ivory Coast. He is now in the north west corner of the Bafing region of Ivory Coast. 

Valentine reaches Ivory Coast

06 Apr 2020
New updates from Valentine's tag received at around 9pm last night (Sunday 5th April), show that over the last few days he has flown 2,170 km (1,348 miles) west from his last location in Central African Republic to Ivory Coast. He is now in eastern Ivory Coast, 173 km (107 miles) east of the capital Yamoussoukro. Valentine joins two other Cuckoos in Ivory Coast as PJ and Carlton II are also here. Tennyson is just over the border in Liberia. We expect the first Cuckoos to be crossing the Sahara any day now, and usually they will have spent several weeks in west Africa before attempting the crossing so it'll be intresting to see what Valentine does next. 

PJ in Liberia

24 Mar 2020
Having arrived in Ivory Coast in late February, PJ has been moving around the country a fair bit, roaming from the eastern border to the western border and back towards the capital, Yamoussoukro. Over the last few days PJ has flown 396 km (246 miles) west and is now just over the border in Liberia. He is 10 km (6.2 miles) north west of the Ivory Coast town of Toulepleu. In previous years PJ has made his desert crossing between 6 and 13 April. 


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