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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their epic migration between the UK and tropical Africa, or track their movements in real-time on our Cuckoo migration map.

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Sayaan has head for heights

15 Apr 2024

From his last stop just into Western Sahara, close to the Mauritanian border, Sayaan has flown 717km (445 miles) to the central Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

He is currently in an area just east of the small town of Imilchil.

KP on the Marrakesh Express

15 Apr 2024

As we’d anticipated, KP moved northwards from Western Sahara and into Morocco in recent days.

Covering around 476km (295 miles) he is currently just at the western edge of the High Atlas Mountains, not far from the walled city of Taroudant, approximately just 113km (70 miles) south-west of Marrakesh.

Joe arrives in Europe

15 Apr 2024

After entering Morocco via the very western edge of Algeria, Joe headed up to the Atlantic coast, and stopped for a while close to the town of Safi.

He then forged onwards a further 518km (321 miles) and swiftly became the first of our Cuckoos to arrive in Europe, making landfall near the town of Bordeira, in the Algarve, Portugal.

Torc continues north

12 Apr 2024

Cuach Torc has carried on northbound through Morocco in the last couple of days and is currently in the lush, agricultural region around the city of Settat just 60km (37 miles) south of Casablanca.

Will Torc be the first of our Cuckoos to cross into Europe?

Joe makes a big move north

12 Apr 2024

After a spell in Ivory Coast, Joe has forged 2,240km (1,391 miles) north and is now just crossing into western Algeria, on the borders with Western Sahara and Morocco.

His current location puts him just c500km (310 miles) due east of the Canary Islands!

Sayaan says 'sayonara' to Ivory Coast

12 Apr 2024

Along with Cuckoos KP and Joe, Sayaan has spent a few weeks in the south-eastern region of the Ivory Coast, and like them has now sprung northwards.

In a journey that has covered around 2,184km (1,357miles) he has already crossed the bulk of the Sahara Desert and is now in Western Sahara, heading for Morroco.

KP makes his move

12 Apr 2024

Having spent the best part of the last month in south-eastern Ivory Coast, KP has now headed 483km (300 miles) north-west into the Sikasso Region of southern Mali. His next move should see him pushing across the Sahara.

Bluey back on track

12 Apr 2024

Bluey finally reoriented and has now headed north once more, travelling approximately 470km (292 miles) from southern Guinea into western Mali.

He is currently close to two vast open-pit gold mines near the town of Sadiola, in the Kayes region of Mali.

Trent treks north

10 Apr 2024

Trent has now joined the race north, as we'd anticipated. A journey of around 1,450km (900 miles) has taken him from Guinea, through south-west Mali and across much of Mauritania.

He is currently approaching the border of Western Sahara and is on a route that should see him crossing into Morocco soon.

Now we’re Torc-ing!

10 Apr 2024

It had been 12 days since we last heard from Cuach Torc, when he was still in western Ghana.

That all changed yesterday, when his transmitter revealed that he is now some 2,364km (1,469 miles) to the north in Algeria, just 22km (13 miles) from the Moroccan border. This puts Cuach Torc firmly in the lead, and the first of our tagged Cuckoos to cross the Sahara.  


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