Core Count Priority Dates

To aid coordination, counts should be made on the priority dates listed below, ideally during the morning or, at coastal sites, when tidal conditions are suitable. If you are unable to count at this time, please select the nearest suitable alternative date in that month.

Where tidal conditions at coastal sites are unfavourable on these dates, Local Organisers are encouraged to agree alternative dates. Ideally, these should be separated by at least three weeks from counts in the preceding and following months. Counts on different count units within complex sites should be co-ordinated to avoid the possibility of double counting.

23rd July 13th August 10th September
8th October 19th November 10th December
21st January
18th February
18th March
15th April
20th May
17th June
15th July 12th August 9th September
14th October 11th November 9th December

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