The Garden Bird Feeding Survey (GBFS)

Bullfinch (John Harding) 

Bullfinches have shown a big increase in GBFS sites over
recent years

The Garden Bird Feeding Survey (GBFS) has charted the use of food supplements by birds in gardens for over 40 years. The network of householders that participate in the survey extends across the UK.

The latest results for GBFS are now out, charting the use of feeders by birds during the winter of 2014/15. After relatively few birds were seen in winter 2013/14, we were all hoping for a surge in numbers last winter but, with mild temperatures and an abundance of natural foods, our garden feeding stations were quiet once again. The insight provided by GBFS participants is particularly helpful as bird foods and feeders continue to develop apace. We are delighted to share with you the fruits of their endeavours.

Take a look at the online GBFS results or read GBFS news for a full breakdown of last winter.