Roy making good progress across the Sahara - 30 Aug 2012

A series of locations received early yesterday (29 August) showed that Roy had indeed initiated his migration two days previously and that he was moving south over eastern Libya – the location on the map shows where he had reached by 1030hrs. This suggests that he had moved SSE through Albania and Greece before crossing over the Mediterranean Sea and into Libya. His tag should resume transmissions tomorrow afternoon, at which time we hope he will have joined the other four Cuckoos that are currently in southern Chad.

Roy heading into Albania - 28 Aug 2012

From the area of Danilovgrad, Montenegro, a series of unconfirmed transmissions show that on the evening of August 26, Roy was moving in a southeasterly direction. The last transmission received shows him over the middle of Lake Scutari, just inside the border of Albania. Is he making his move south? We expect further transmissions tomorrow morning. 

Roy is second Cuckoo in Montenegro - 13 Aug 2012

From his unconfirmed location in Croatia on 8 August, Roy travelled south, joining David in Montenegro, on the evening of 10 August. Since then he has been travelling around the municpality of Danilovgrad, presumably searching for a good source of food.

Roy moves east - 09 Aug 2012

From Austria to Italy and then back to Austria! Having been briefly in Italy, Roy moved back into Austria by 1 August and was again a few kms north of Millstätter See. Yesterday evening we received a single unconfirmed location that put Roy in Croatia. If confirmed, it would appear that he is following David and, presumably, BB by taking a route east of the Adriatic Sea. 

Roy travels from Austria to Italy - 26 Jul 2012

Roy moved west from Austria into northern Italy on the evening of 25 July. He has travelled around 192 km (119 miles) and is in a wooded area close to a the comunes of Weitental and Margen. Will he stop and feed up here or move straight through?

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