NRS Mentoring frequently asked questions

There's nothing specific I need training in, I just need to accompany someone in the field to check that I'm doing things correctly. Can a mentor help with this?

Yes, mentors are available to help less experienced nest recorders get started with nest recording. Please bear in mind that mentors are volunteers themselves, so a mentor may only be able to spend so many hours in the field with you.

I've been a nest recorder for a while but I need guidance on passerine nest finding/wader monitoring etc. Can a mentor help with this?

Yes. Clicking a pin on the mentoring map brings up details for that mentor, including any specific species or groups they can providing training on. If you are unable to find a mentor who offers training on the species you are interested in, please nrs [at] (contact us).

Do I need to be a registered Nest Record Scheme (NRS) participant to contact a mentor?

No, feel free to contact a mentor now and ask to accompany them on a field session to see what nest recording is about. If you contact a mentor before registering, you will be sent a NRS starter pack and a registration form. After meeting a mentor for an introductory session, you'll be invited to register.

I’m under 18-years-old. Can I do nest recording?

Absolutely! When you register, please ensure that the

that comes with the registration form is completed.

I'm under 18-years-old. Can I contact a mentor?

Yes but please note that not all mentors are registered to train people under 18. The mentoring map will tell you if a mentor is available to train over-18s only. Also, if you contact a mentor before registering as a NRS participant, you'll be asked to send in a parental consent form before meeting them.

I've sent off a mentoring request. What next?

The mentor you've sent the request to should contact you in the next two weeks. If after two weeks you have not heard from them, please nrs [at] (let us know). Once a mentor has got in touch, you can discuss options with them and perhaps arrange to meet them in the field.

Will the mentor travel to visit me?

Usually the person requesting mentoring will travel to the mentor, however this is something you can discuss with a mentor when you speak to rhem.

How much time should I spend with a mentor?

If you've just started nest recording, just a few hours in the field with a mentor will help you learn the basics. How much time you spend training with a mentor is something for you to arrange with them, however it's important to remember that mentors are volunteers themselves and may have limited time available.

There isn’t a mentor available in my area.

If there is no mentor available near you, please nrs [at] (let us know).

Can I be a mentor?

We are always on the lookout for people who can volunteers as mentors. For more information about becoming a mentor, please see

. A registration form for becoming a mentor is avilable


here (PDF, 415.76 KB)

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