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Victor II

Victor II has been named by Ann Masters, in loving memory of her late husband. Ann fondly remembers competing with her husband each year to see who heard the first Cuckoo, and hopes that this work will inspire a love of nature for future generations.

Victor II the Cuckoo
Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - 06:30
Tagging Location:
Loch Katrine, Perthshire, Scotland
Age when found:
Satellite Tag No.:
Wing Length (mm):

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Victor II's journey from 01 May 2022 to 25 June 2022

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Victor II's movements

23 Jun 2022 - Victor II moves south in France

Victor II has flown 338km (210 miles) south from his last location in the Pas-de-Callais department of northern France to a forest outside Dampierre-en-Burly in the Loiret department of northern central France. Last year he flew straight from northern France to the French Riviera but didn't make this journey until 18th July.  

17 Jun 2022 - Victor II near Barnard Castle

Over the last couple of days Victor II has departed from his breeding grounds in Scotland and flown 250 km (156 miles) south to his current location approximately 6 miles east of Barnard Castle. Last year he made this first move on 14th June so he is being very consistent with his timings. 

03 May 2022 - Victor II has made it back to Scotland

Victor II has flown the final 365 km (227 miles) from Cheshire to his breeding grounds in Scotland. By 11.15 this morning he was back on the shores of Loch Katrine where he was tagged on 19 May last year. He left on 13 June last year so he may only be here for 6 weeks or so before setting off again. 

01 May 2022 - Victor II is back in England

New updates received this morning show that Victor II has flown 575 km (357 miles) north from his last location in northern France to England. He has spent the last few hours close to the town of Winsford in Cheshire. So if you are in or around Winsford today and you hear a Cuckoo it could well be Victor II! He has approximately 365 km to fly before reaching his breeding grounds in the Trossachs. 

29 Apr 2022 - Victor II reaches northern France

Over the last few days Victor II has made good progress north, leaving northern Spain and progressing up through France. By Tuesday evening he has reached Nouvelle-Aquitaine in south western France. He didn't hang arorund though and by midnight last night he had flown a further 255 km (159 miles) north and was in the Perche National Park between Normandy and the Loire Valley. When we next hear from him, will he be back in the UK? Stay tuned to find out!

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