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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Trent moves north in Angola

24 Nov 2023
Trent has flown 108km (67 miles) north from his last location and is now in Coutada do Ambriz National Park in Angola. Cuckoo PJ visited this same National Park during the winter of 2018. 

Trent moves north in Angola

17 Nov 2023

Trent is still the most southerly of all our Cuckoos, having made it all the way to Angola.

Over recent days he has flown 100km north from his last location, so he is now 85km (52 miles) due east of the capital Luanda. Cuckoos Chris and PJ both visited Angola and are among our longest lived birds, so hopefully, Trent will have the same luck. 

Trent moves west in Angola

03 Nov 2023

Over the last couple of days Cuckoo Trent has flown 274km (170 miles) south-west from his last location and is now in the Bengo province of Angola.

He is in a forested area close to the south-eastern edge of Angola's Quiçama National Park, approximately 100 miles south-south-east of the capital Luanga. 

Trent moves south in Angola

26 Oct 2023

Over the last few days Trent has been making steady progress south through Angola. He has flown 215km (134 miles), taking him to the north of the Malanje province of northern Angola. 

Trent pushes south into Angola

23 Oct 2023

Trent has become the first of our tagged birds to move into Angola this year. Over the last few days he has made a series of short movements south and west, taking him from south-western DRC over the border into north-eastern Angola. He is currently approximately 10km (6.2 miles) south of the town of Quimbele.

Those who have followed the project for longer may recall that for a couple years, northern Angola was the destination of choice for Cuckoo Chris, though he favoured the west, closer to Luanda. It'll be interesting to see where Trent finally settles. 

Trent reaches the Congo

06 Oct 2023

Worcestershire Cuckoo Trent was the third of our Cuckoos to reach the Congo Basin, arriving yesterday (5 October).

He is now in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, approximately 13km north west of the town of Kutu.

Trent pushes east into Nigeria

14 Sep 2023
Over the last few days Trent has flown 1,340 km (832 miles) east, taking him from his original position in Burkina Faso via Togo and Benin into Nigeria. He is now in central Nigeria, approximately 105 km (65 miles) east of the capital city of Abuja. 

Trent moves into Burkina Faso

01 Sep 2023
Since our last update Trent has flown 162 km (100 miles) east, taking him out of Mali and into Burkina Faso. He is now in western Burkina Faso, approximately 100 km (64 miles) north west of the city of Bobo-Dioulasso.

Trent moves into South Mali

29 Aug 2023
Over the last few days Trent has flown 460 km (286 miles) south east in Mali. He is close to the Bagoe River, 58 km (36 miles) south east of the town of Diolila in the Koulikoro Region of south-western Mali. 

Trent is moving east

18 Aug 2023

Since our last update Trent has been moving steadily east along the border between southern Mauritania and south western Mali.

He has so far flown 128 km (80 miles) east from his last location and is now 27 km (18 miles) west of the town of Niorro du Sahel in the Kayes region of western Mali.  


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