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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Strong tranmissions from Clement

31 Oct 2011

Clement started transmitting a strong signal today and is still in the area between the Lame Burra Game Reserve and the Yankari Game Reserve in Nigeria. Although the first to leave the UK, he is now the most northerly of our five Cuckoos. How long will it be before Clement joins the other four Cuckoos in the Congo Rainforest?

No change from Clement

21 Oct 2011

Clement is still transmitting from the Lame Burra Game Reserve.

Attempt to set eyes on Clement

14 Oct 2011

On Wednesday Clement remained close to the Yankari Game Reserve. Ulf Ottosson and colleagues from the AP Leventis Ornithological Institute in Jos, 130km to the south west, looked for Clement in the field on Wednesday. They managed to get to within 8km of his current location but then had to give up as access became very difficult due to the tall, dense, wet grass that grows under the trees in the savannah habitat at this time of year. 

The ornithological institute at Jos is funded by the Tasso Leventis Conservation Foundation, which also supports the BTO’s capacity building work in West Africa.

Clement staying put

12 Oct 2011

Clement remains at the Lame Burra Game Reserve. 

Will Clement follow?

06 Oct 2011

Clement is still in the Lame Burra Game Reserve, north-west of the Yankari Game Reserve, about 130km NE of Jos in central Nigeria, where he has been since the end of August. With the two Cuckoos, that were to the east of here, having now moved south into southern Central African Republic, we are waiting to see when he will move on. The area has slightly higher rainfall than where Martin and Chris were in Chad but it is possible Clement will move on now the wet season is at an end. On the other hand, having taken the western route to get here, perhaps he will do something totally different...

No movement from Clement

27 Sep 2011

A transmission from Clement on 26 September put him still in the area to the north-west of the Yankari Game Reserve in Nigeria.

Clement still in Nigeria

22 Sep 2011

Signals received from Clement show that he is alive and well, and still in the area to the north-west of the Yankari Game Reserve.

Clement content for now

12 Sep 2011
Clement is still in the area to the north-west of the Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria. The area is comprised of savannah grassland, patches of well-developed woodland and rolling hills. The rainy season runs from May to September. Presumably, Clement is finding plenty of food here; this might change with the onset of the dry season at the end of the month.

Clement still on eastward course

31 Aug 2011

Clement is continuing on his flight eastwards. It looks as though he left his last position near Kaduna on the evening of 28th August and headed eastwards for another 275km just to the NW of the Yankari Game Reserve. He is again in an area of farmland with scattered bushes. Interestingly his flight has taken him within 60km of the A P Leventis Ornithological Institute based in Jos.

Clement continues east

24 Aug 2011
On the 24 August Clement was in central Nigeria, not far from Kaduna, having moved a further 250km ENE since 22 August. Clement has made quite an epic journey eastwards across west Africa and is now as far east as the other Cuckoos who took the ‘traditional’ route down from Italy. We have been amazed by how different a route he has taken to get there.


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