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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Carlton II in Spain

09 Jul 2019
Since our last update, Carlton II has flown another 510 Km (316 miles) south west from his last location near La Rochelle in France to his current location near Benavente in northern Spain. Carlton II was in the same place last year from July 20 until he departed for Africa on August 6.  

Nussey makes a U-turn!

09 Jul 2019
Following the news that Nussey had made it to North Africa in double quick time, we bring you the news today that he is back in Europe! Having made it as far as Beni-Mellal in Morocco, Nussey turned back and by 9pm on Monday 8 July he had flown 1,200 Km (784 miles) north to his current location on the France/Spain border. He is now near Irun, a town in the province of Gipuzkoa, Spain. 

Carlton II departs

04 Jul 2019
On the evening of 1 July we received Carlton II’s last transmission from the UK. The next signal, received almost 48 hours later was from Saint-Laurent-de-la-Prée, just south of La Rochelle and west of Rochefort, on the west coast of France, 765 km (475 miles) away. Further poor quality signals indicate he may be continuing on, either across the Bay of Biscay or along the western coast of France, south to Spain, as he did last year.

End of the road for Robinson

03 Jul 2019

We are sad to report that Robinson's journey has come to an abrupt end. We’ve recently been informed by a member of the public that his body has been found in a garden on some farmland in Kent. It would appear that he had started his migration south, but unfortunately struck a window. He was extremely unlucky to have found and collided with this window as it was in Denge Marsh, an open area where there are very few buildings. The area is very close to Dungeness - a well-known migration site.

Robinson was one of nine birds tagged in Sherwood Forest since the start of the project. We’ve been able to follow his journey since he was tagged in May 2018. Last year he was on his way, transmitting from France on 22 June. From here we saw him travel to Lake Geneva in Switzerland and on to northern Italy, before crossing the Sahara towards the end of July. He spent the winter months, from November through to March, in Gabon, before heading to Ivory Coast in early March and embarking on the return Sahara crossing around 11 April. He arrived back in the UK around 26 April 2019.

While this is upsetting news, it does provide us with more evidence about the variety of problems Cuckoos face. We are grateful to everyone who sponsored Robinson.

PJ and Carlton II yet to leave

03 Jul 2019
Just PJ and Carlton II are yet to leave the UK. Three more Cuckoos have recently started on their migration, meaning a total of nine Cuckoos have departed this year already.

Nussey in southern France

03 Jul 2019

New signals received on 29 June show Nussey had journeyed south-west 275km (172 miles) within France and was just south-east of Nantes near the commune of Cholet. He continued a further 335km (210 miles) down the west coast and by 1 July was close to Morcenx, about 30km (20 miles) inland.  Poor quality signals received after this indicate he carried on and is heading  towards the Spanish border.

Valentine south of Paris

03 Jul 2019
Valentine completed his crossing of the English Channel and was 50km (30 miles) south of Paris by the evening of 25 June, 340km (210 miles) from his last location near Canterbury.  Since then he’s been roving around the area between Blandy and Maisse. 

Senan crosses into France

03 Jul 2019

During the late afternoon of 30 June we received transmissions showing that Senan had left the UK and completed his crossing of the English Channel.  Locations revealed that he was in northern France,  just south of Wierre-Effroy and around 10km (6 miles) inland from the west coast, 190km (116 miles) from Norfolk. Further locations yesterday show that he is now 790km (490 miles) further south, near Marmande, to the south-east of Bordeaux.

Larry in Croatia

03 Jul 2019
Larry has made a huge movement south and is already in Croatia, where he has stopped over in previous years. Looking back over his journeys, this is pretty much on schedule. Transmissions on the morning of 30 June show him over the sea, off the west coast of Rijeka. His last transmission from the UK was around lunchtime on 25 June meaning he covered over 1385 km (860 miles) in about 4 and a half days. He could be heading towards the island of Cres, where he has spent time in previous years, before then heading south into Italy later in July, and then embarking on his desert crossing over Libya to Chad in August. 

Meet the 2019 Cuckoos

25 Jun 2019

We’re delighted to introduce some new faces to the project! Catching the birds has been challenging this year with seemingly less competition for females and so less interest in the female lure used, but thanks to the persistence of our super tagging team, we do have four new male Cuckoos to introduce to you.

Three of these newly-tagged birds are already on the way, crossing the Channel and moving into France within the last few days. Take a look at the individual blogs to find out more.


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