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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

PJ joins those in Angola

09 Nov 2016
Having skipped into the Republic of Congo on the 18 October, PJ was in the south of the country by the eve of 24 October. Just a few days later on the 27 he had covered a further 495km (310 miles) to reach northern Angola.  He continued on, almost directly south, and by the 2 November was just south of the Cuanza River and the town of Donde.  He joins Larry, 161324 and Bill who are all also in Angola. 

PJ continues south

18 Oct 2016
From Nigeria, PJ has continued onwards, heading south to reach a location in Cameroon, some 560km(350 miles) away by lunchtime on 13 October.  Forty eight hours late and he was 400km ( 250 miles) further to the south-east and near to both Nki and Boumba National Parks. 

PJ in Nigeria

12 Oct 2016
PJ has left Niger and, by the 11 October, had travelled 690km (430 miles) to Nigeria. He is currently 75km (45 miles) south of Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. We don't yet know where PJ will spend the mid-winter months but he is still around 1,300km (800 miles) from the area in central Congo where quite a few of our birds do.

PJ still in southern Niger

05 Oct 2016
Although PJ is still in the area he arrived in in southern Niger, he does seem to be moving around a series of creeks and areas with sparse tree cover. There are also small areas of cultivation too, so it may be a good stopover site, if a little drier than most of our Cuckoos choose. Looking at what the other birds are doing, it might not be too long before PJ begins to head east.

PJ settled

19 Sep 2016
Locations receievd from PJ on 19 September show that he is still settled in southern Niger.

No movement from PJ

06 Sep 2016
Since arriving in southern Niger PJ has settled on the edge of a small river valley to the east of the town of Bouza. The habitat in the valley is semi-arid with sparse trees but the river banks are fairly well vegetated, so PJ may be able to use this area as his stopover site before heading south and east into Congo.

PJ moves east

26 Aug 2016
Since crossing the desert and arriving in southern Mali, PJ has continued east along the southern edge of the desert and is now in neighbouring Niger, close to the border with Nigeria.

PJ crosses the Sahara

02 Aug 2016
Since leaving France on 22nd July, Norfolk Cuckoo PJ has taken a very direct route south, travelling 1,600 miles due South into Algeria and the pressing on for another 660 miles to arrive at his current location in eastern Mali. He is the third tagged Cuckoo to successfully cross the desert and is currently near the D'ansongo-Menaka nature reserve close to the border with Niger. This is an area previously visited by Whortle. 

PJ in France

08 Jul 2016
A series of locations received from PJ on 2 July showed that he had left Suffolk, crossed the North Sea and was on Belgian/French border, close to Bogny-sur-Meuse in France. Two days later he had moved 119km (74 miles) further south. He is currently in an area of forest south of Verdun.


23 Jun 2016

PJ was tagged on 7 June 2016 in King's Forest, Suffolk. Since then he has remained largely in the area of the forest, although he has ventured north into Thetford Forest, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, and east into Norfolk to the area of forest between Thetford and Diss. He is currently back in Suffolk and on the southern edge of Thetford Forest, very close to Elveden.


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