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We offer a bespoke service called Acoustic Pipeline Projects which is ideal for large-scale or commercial use. This service provides extra tools for data management as well as the Pipeline’s species identification capabilities. 

Acoustic Pipeline Projects may be particularly useful if: 

  • You have multiple acoustic projects for different clients and need to maintain independent workflows.
  • You are monitoring large sites and managing multiple fieldworkers, but want a centrally processed dataset.
  • You want to run a citizen science project in your area, but are unsure how to coordinate uploading, storing and processing data.
  • Pricing starts from £573. Please contact us for more detail.

Features of Acoustic Pipeline Projects

A private area for your acoustic surveys

A dedicated area where your recordings are stored separately from those of other Pipeline users.

Flexible and versatile uploading system

Upload recordings remotely, by multiple fieldworkers and to the same private Project. 

Project Organisers

Nominate one or more Project Organisers, who can see which project members are uploading recordings and access all the results for the Project as recordings are processed.

Project-specific visualisations

Assess unexpected results or additional techniques required for data collection as soon as they arise with Project-specific visualisations.

Automatically produced every week, these show summaries of species recorded at monitored sites, information on recording activity timing, and maps of activity. 

Save and recall recordings

Save a copy of recordings in deep glacial storage for a defined term following processing – e.g. for the survey season – and access them later for auditing. This may reduce the need for data cleaning before auditing, something that is often needed in projects where data are collected by different fieldworkers.

Testimonials and case studies

The BTO Acoustic Pipeline has been used by over 100 ecological consultants for a range of pre- and post-development monitoring. Pipeline Project users include many of the leading companies in the UK consultancy and construction industry, citizen science projects and leading scientific researchers.  

“The decision to use the BTO Acoustic pipeline to analyse the bat data collected for a large infrastructure project was taken for the significant benefit it offered for us with regard to the financial implications and resource demand of the analysis of over 14 TB of acoustic recordings collected.

The ability to quickly sort the final ID output for further review/quality control of species of interest, along with being able to filter the results based on the confidence of call ID also offered significant benefits for large-scale batch processing, which made project management of the analysis and reporting process considerably more manageable.

The Acoustic Pipeline function that flags IDs that are rare/unexpected for the region was a further feature that proved to be beneficial for our needs and was of considerable help when viewing the large data set, giving us confidence in the final ID output.”

Richard Seabrook (Commercial sector)
Amey Plc

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