Stop to watch for mental health

Stop to watch for mental health

18 May 2020 to 24 May 2020

Stop to watch podcast with Martin Shaw

Put the binoculars and notebook away and give yourself time with nature with no other distractions.

BTO has produced a downloadable podcast, narrated by actor, Martin Shaw, aimed to lift our spirits through mindful birdwatching.

Titled 'Stop to Watch – A time to be with nature', Martin guides you through how to let the stresses of the day melt away while you focus on birds; letting our minds rest and linger on how extraordinary the ordinary things are. 

Whether you’re new to enjoying the wonders of wildlife or a seasoned birder, everyone can benefit from connecting with nature through mindful birdwatching. Looking after our mental health is important for our overall well-being. The NHS describes mindfulness as paying more attention to the present moment, to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you.

Listen to or download the podcast now - subscribe via Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts or listen on our Youtube channel.

With thanks to The Daniell Trust and The Hamamelis Trust for their generous support of this project

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