An App to aid Ringers

01 Oct 2011 | No. 2011-36

If you're a bird ringer or nest recorder, you've probably had a bird in the hand or been watching behaviour at a nest, and tried to remember the correct ring sizes or codes to use – followed by a frantic hunt for your Ringers' Manual; hunt no more!

This new App for iPhone and Android smartphones is the answer. It is designed to help ringers, nest recorders and scientists working in the field access useful information in a quick and efficient manner. It provides species accounts with ring sizes for adults and young along with a range of helpful measurements (such as wing length and weight where data are available) and relevant information. In addition, details on the various rings are provided and the Nest Record Scheme nest recording codes are also shown. Finally, as an added bonus there is a direct link to each species' BTO BirdFacts pages on the BTO website (requires network connection), bringing a wealth of information on Britain’s birds, from current population estimates, to the maximum recorded age and much more, direct to your pocket.

Developed by Iain Downie of BTO Information Services in coordination with the Demography team, this simple-to-use App is free to download from the App Store or Android Market, and will continue to evolve as more data becomes available. It is hoped that tools such as this will make collection of ringing and nest record data in the field faster, easier and more accurate, which will feed back into the App through future updates.

View and download for Iphone.

View and download for Android.

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