Orange Omelettes and Dusky Wanderers: Studies and Travels in Seychelles Over Four Decades

Orange Omelettes and Dusky Wanderers
Chris J. Feare
Publisher:  Calusa Bay Publications, Mahé (Seychelles)
Page Count:  240
ISBN Number:  9789993180395

This is a really interesting and entertaining book which will strike a chord with anyone whose studies have required them to undertake extensive fieldwork, especially in remote locations.

In addition to a very detailed account of the birds of the Seychelles and the conservation issues they face, the book is also full of interesting information on the history, geology and architecture of the Seychelles. The factual information is interspersed in the funny and poignant narrative of the author’s experiences while living and working in the Seychelles, and the challenges, opportunities and unique experiences that resulted. The author’s work on these islands is inspirational and reminds us all of what can be achieved with enough commitment, persistence and effort.  

Jennifer Border