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Corn Bunting. Photograph by John Harding
Yellowhammer, Cirl and Corn Bunting all breed in farmland in the UK, and can all present identification challenges.

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This video looks at two often confused falcons, the Kestrel and Merlin, and discusses the key features for separating the two.

The latest identification video tackles the difficult pair of gulls, Iceland and Glaucous. March is one of the best months of the year to catch up with wandering gulls as they make their way back to their summer haunts.

This identification video looks at Whinchat, Stonechat and Wheatear. These three birds are not too difficult to separate in breeding male plumage, but a lot harder in female and juvenile. Check out our tips to help here.

Song and Mistle Thrush are two garden species that are readily confused; both are grey brown in appearance; both have a spotted breast and pale legs. However, with good views and the right pointers both can be identified with confidence.

As difficult species go, the Long and Short-eared Owl pairing are amongst the most challenging to identify, especially in flight. The latest identification video from the BTO offers tips on how to separate both, in flight, perched and by calls.

Of the more common species in the UK, Marsh and Willow Tit probably present one of the more difficult ID challenges. View our Bird ID video to gain some invaluable tips on key features to tell them apart.

In this BTO identification video we look at the tricky pairing of Wood and Green Sandpipers. The key identification features to separate these two similar species are discussed, including structure, plumage and voice.

This video rounds up the identification of other Terns - Roseate, Sandwich and Little Tern.