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Herring Gull. Photograph by Edmund Fellowes
Build up your gull ID skills by learning to recognise two ideal reference species: Common Gull and Herring Gull.

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The tiny Goldcrest, is a common year-round bird. Its much rarer cousin, the Firecrest, is found in similar habitats. Can you tell them apart?

Redshank are common and noisy year-round coastal residents, but can you confidently identify their scarcer cousins, Greenshank and Spotted Redshank?

Identifying skuas passing offshore in late summer is one of the great challenges of bird ID. However, with practice most individuals can be identified.

In late summer and autumn Redstarts and Black Redstarts can turn up anywhere. The males are easy to identify but how do you separate females and young birds?

A black crow flies over - but is it a Crow, a Rook or even a Raven?

With their swept back wings and aerial lifestyle hirundines (Swallow, Sand and House Martins) and the similar, but unrelated, Swift often cause ID headaches.

Learn some invaluable tips to tell apart these two waders with down-curved beaks.

25 years ago the sighting of any White Heron in the UK would have been greeted with excitement. While Little Egret is now relatively common, it can sometimes be confused at distance with a much rarer visitor - Great White Egret.