Nesting news

Nesting news

02 Mar 2016

Nesting Robin, by Trevor Daniels

While we try our hardest to provide the right nest boxes for the right species, things don't always go to plan! GBWer Trevor Daniels was very surprised to see a Robin bringing nesting material to a small-hole nest box when there was a open-fronted one nearby.

While he was watching, a pair of Blue Tits decided that they were going to occupy the box instead. A standoff ensued with the Robin perched on a nearby bracket and one of the Blue Tits refusing to move from the box. Eventually the Robin disappeared, while the Blue Tit pair remained for a while before vanishing themselves!

This happened in late February. According to data from the Nest Record Scheme of 9,000 Robin records with accurate laying dates, 2 (0.02%) started clutches in January, 45 (0.5%) in February and 1271 (14%) in March, so keep an eye out for any nesting activity!

If you do have birds nesting in your garden this spring, why not monitor them for Nest Box Challenge?

Robin starting to nest, by Trevor Daniels.
Robin with nesting material, by Trevor Daniels.
Robin ousted by Blue Tits, by Trevor Daniels.

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