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Guillemots, by Philip Croft / BTO

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Whether you make a monthly donation or give a one-off gift, support the area of our work that means the most to you.

Biodiversity Loss Appeal

Biodiversity loss is one of the biggest drivers of bird population declines in the UK – but there is hope.

46% of bird species have declined between 2016 and 2021, but with your support, we can help reverse the decline and create a better world for the birds we love.

Support the Future of our Wild Birds

Our surveys are vital. The data they produce help us drive positive change for the UK’s birds.

Avian Influenza Appeal

Bird flu has devastated seabird colonies and now threatens our wintering migrant birds.

Urban Appeal

What does the future hold for birds in urban spaces? Make a difference – donate today.

BTO Youth Appeal

Young people are the future of BTO – help us reach out, support and inspire them.

Our Lost Seabirds Appeal

The UK’s seabirds are struggling and they need our help to survive.

Operation Wader

Help us tackle the decline of breeding wader populations in the UK.

Become a Witherby Custodian

Follow in the footsteps of Harry Forbes Witherby – help us care for birds and nature.

Cuckoo Tracking Appeal

Sponsor a Cuckoo and help us build on what we’ve learned already.

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