Submitting data on paper forms

If you are sending in data on peper, please complete the

 - (one for each visit) as soon as possible after each field visit,  and then return them to your Regional Organiser along with your ,


Mammal (PDF, 169.90 KB)

Habitat forms

Habitat forms (PDF, 232.35 KB)
as soon as possible after your final visit. 

  • Print the species name and two-letter species codes in the appropriate boxes.
  • Transfer the number of individual birds recorded in each 200-m transect section (1 – 10), in each distance band, for each species. You will need to add up the counts of the same species, distance band and transect section.
  • You may find it helpful to cross out or highlight records on the Field Recording Sheet as you transfer the information to the Count Summary Sheet. This helps to avoid duplicating or missing records.
  • Remember to transfer all visit information (date, times etc.) from your Field Recording Sheets.
  • Birds can be listed in any order on the .
  • Please only enter counts in the boxes on the . Please do not enter additional information, such as ‘+’, ‘many’, male/female, etc.
  • If there is no count, please just leave the box empty. Please do not enter zeros or dashes.
  • Please make every effort to write clearly and legibly, particularly the two-letter codes.
  • Detection type (optional). You cannot submit detection type on paper forms. We recommend submitting data online, but if you can’t, we may be able to arrange for someone to input your data for you. Please speak to your RO.

Section of a completed Count Summary Sheet

(not required if submitting data online)

Please submit your records as soon as possible after your final visit  - so they are with us by August at the latest. Your completed forms, or online submission, will be acknowledged once received at the BTO.

The annual BBS Report is sent to all volunteers who contributed to the survey in that year, containing BBS results and information about research using BBS data. The report is produced and sent out in the year following the fieldwork.

The name and address details of BBS observers will be kept on a computerised database for the purpose of BBS administration, and for furthering the BTO’s objectives. The Data Controller is the Director of Services, BTO, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU.

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