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Log in

Before you can log in your Regional Organiser (RO) needs to link your BBS square to your BTO username.

Data home page

When you log in you will see a summary of your allocated squares - click the map icons to view/print a route map

Recording areas

Enter records

You can only enter data for the current recording year and for BBS squares that you have been allocated. To submit data for a previous year, please fill in a set of paper forms and send them to your RO.

The 'Enter records' button will take you to a table showing your BBS squares, with links to each of the transect sections for your early and late visits. The notebook icons signify that records have not yet been input - click on the icons to go to the data entry page for that transect section. As you progress through the data entry you will see each notebook icon change to a green tick (see below). You do not have to complete data entry for all ten transect sections in one sitting. 

Data entry screen

Visit details and recording

When you enter the data for your first transect you will be asked for the date, time and weather details for that visit, whether you were recording detection type for birds, and if you were looking out for mammals.
NOTE: detection type and mammal preferences cannot be edited later without deleting all data and starting again.

Habitat details

Select the main habitat of the 200m section from the drop-down menu, referring to your field notes. You can also optionally select a secondary habitat, and habitat sub-levels. Please enter habitat data for both your early and late visits.
NOTE: If habitat data has been entered in previous years, the fields will be pre-populated with existing data. Please check this carefully and note any changes.

Bird records

For each note on your field recording sheet, enter the two-letter species code, the distance band, the detection type (if recording) and the count.

Not recording detection type:

Field sheet no detection
Data entry screen

Recording detection type:

Field sheet with detection type
Data entry screen

If you have multiple records for a species with the same details you do not have to summarise the details - these can be entered in different rows and the system will add them together.

Mammal records

Mammal records should be entered for each transect section beneath the bird records. 

  • If you did not record any mammals on that transect please leave the boxes blank.
  • The boxes will be greyed-out if you have indicated that you did not participate in mammal recording. You should select this option if you conciously chose not to look for or record mammals.
  • Mammal records from other visits to your square should be entered under the first transect of either core visit.


Here you can enter counts of nests at colonies, such as Rooks or Sand Martins (though adult birds recorded as you walk your transects should be counted as normal). If you have no colonies on your square, you do not need to make any entries here.

View/edit records

Clicking on the ‘View all my data’ button from the BBS Data Home page will display a list of all the squares that you currently survey, plus those that you have surveyed in the past. The application allows you to view data for all years up to and including the last year that you surveyed that square.

You can edit the data for the current year until the end of the year. If you have seen mistakes in the bird count data for previous years, please email bbs [at] with the details, and the corrections will be made. 

My details/settings

In this section you can update your email address, view contact details for your Regional Organiser and select whether you are recording detection type as default.

Survey Home

Your access portal to all online surveys organised by the BTO.

NOTE: To change your password click on Survey Home.