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Little Owl. Phil Scarlett
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Find out how to report found bird rings, wildlife disease, nests and interesting sightings.

Lapwing chick. Photograph by Liz Cutting

Found an injured bird or chick out of the nest?

While BTO and its volunteers monitors birds, we doesn't serve a veterinary role for wildlife.

If you have found an injured bird, contact your local vet, or the RSPCA (England and Wales), SSPCA (Scotland) or USPCA (Northern Ireland). Alternateively find a rescue centre on Help Wildlife.

If you have found a chick alive, but out of the nest you first need to determine whether it is a fledgling or nestling before intervening. Follow RSPCA's helpful guide for more information.

Arctic Tern Photographer Jeremy Moore

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Bird surveyors. Photograph by Jamie Murray-Grant

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