Wetland Birds Survey Publications

WeBS Annual Report

WeBS started in 1947, and a report has been produced every year since in its various guises containing population changes and other results from the scheme. Annual reports for every year back to 1969/70 can be downloaded, plus a selection of National Wildfowl Counts from the 1940s and 1950s.

The online element of the WeBS annual report 'Waterbirds in the UK' consists of two components - Numbers & Trends and Low Tide Counts - accessible through the online interface.  In conjunction with this information, a summarised Annual Report is also available as a standalone document - Waterbirds in the UK.

WeBS Periodic Reports

The WeBS Alerts Report is produced every three years to monitor changes in numbers of wintering waterbirds in the Constituent Countries of the United Kingdom, Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).

WeBS Alerts results are now available to browse online. WeBS Alerts are also published as a standalone document.

WeBS Newsletter

The WeBS Newsletter is produced annually to give counters updates on what has been going on, primarily in WeBS, but also in the wider world of waterbird conservation.

The lastest issue of the WeBS Newsletter is available to browse online, previous issues  are also available to download.

WeBS Leaflets

WeBS has launched a new leaflet, ‘Make your day out count’, aimed at encouraging casual one-off counts of small sites.

Other WeBS publications

Other than the Annual WeBS Report, other publications have been produced including the Estuarine Waterbirds at Low Tide book.

Scientific publications

A list of reports and papers published using WeBS data.

WeBS Articles

A list of WeBS articles that have been published.