Results of the third Non-Estuarine Waterbird Survey, including Population Estimates for Key Waterbird Species

Redshank. Edmund Fellowes

Author(s): Graham Austin, Teresa Frost, Heidi Mellan, Dawn Balmer

Published: October 2017   Issue No.: 697

Publisher: British Trust for Ornithology Pages: 69pp

ISBN: 9781908581860

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During December, January and February of the winter of 2015/16 the BTO organised the third Non-estuarine Waterbird Survey (NEWS III), the fourth in a series of coordinated winter surveys of the non-estuarine coast of the UK, following the Winter Shorebird Count (WSC) in 1984/85 (Moser 1987), NEWS I in 1997/98 (Rehfisch et al. 2003) and NEWS II in 2006/07 (Austin et al. 2008). 

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